Everyone saw this fake outrage and hatred coming. That train is never late.

“Kids love Santa no matter what color you are,” says Larry Jefferson-Gamble.

Four security guards at the Mall of America pinned 14-year-old Isabella Brown to the ground for violating the shopping centers curfew for minors.

Black Lives Matter protestors temporarily closed the Mall of America as well as the Minneapolis airport on December 23rd in honor of police brutality victim, Jamar Clark.


This past weekend, #BlackLivesMatter protestors stormed the massive and lucrative Mall of America to continue spreading equality awareness, but the organizers may now get hit with a lawsuit. Sandra Johnson, the Bloomington City Attorney of Minnesota is livid because of the commotion from holiday shopping and the activists, MOA was shut down for two hours. Retailers […]

More than two dozen people were hauled off by the police in Minneapolis as #BlackLivesMatter protests continued this weekend. The rotunda at the Mall of America were packed as hundreds of people came out to stage a mass die-in, USAToday.com reports. The demonstration effectively disrupted shoppers, who poured into the halls to look over the […]