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While 2014 has been a particularly explosive year for the Black community and judicial system, the reality is, cops have been getting away with murder for far too long. Earlier this month, the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund Twitter page posted a series of tweets that contained only a date, name, and location of every unarmed Black person reportedly killed by a person with authority. Tweets includes men, women, and children.

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The list begins in 1999 with the Bronx murder of Guinean native Amadou Diallo. You’ll see some familiar names like Oscar Grant and Sean Bell as the list totals at 76 casualties. As many have suggested, we could be in the era of a new civil rights movement, and these tweets researched by the NAACP may be all the ammunition we need to push forward. It’s also been revealed, in a recent study, that a majority of White people found this year’s biggest news stories such as the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown to have not been motivated by race. These tweets suggest otherwise and certainly food for thought.

Visit the official Legal Defense Fund page here:


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