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Eric Garner's mother reacted to long overdue plans to discipline the cop who killed her son. But those plans come with one condition.

"The hope is that there’s more of a coming together. The hope is that it continues to create a dialogue," said the documentary's executive producer, Julius Tennon.

Secretly recorded video of a meeting between Erica Garner and members of the Department of Justice has been released. Erica, the recently deceased daughter of Eric Garner, wanted the public to see what she dealt with in the ongoing campaign for justice in her father’s death at the hands of an NYPD officer. Last June, […]

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Several notable celebrities including rapper Common and Rev. Al Sharpton, attended her funeral service in New York on Monday.

It seems impossible to scroll through your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and news alerts without being bombarded with images of Black and brown men, women and even children being murdered in cold blood at the hands of police all over the country.

Newly revealed emails suggest that undercover NYPD officers compromised and reported on demonstrations surrounding Eric Garner's death.

Plus, mother of Eric Garner’s "love child" files restraining order against his daughter and Louisiana man lights wife on fire after spraying hair spray on her.


UPDATE: Just a day after the Justice Department decided to replace the entire New York investigation team overseeing the Eric Garner case, they made another decision today in the case that changes everything. It has been announced that Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD police officer who placed Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold, has been officially […]

Plus, POTUS shades Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel and Justice Department replaces NYC team investigating Eric Garner’s death.


To many Ramsey Orta is an unsung hero for his courageous act of filming Eric Garner’s death as he was killed by police. Without his video, there is a high likelihood that there would have never been any concrete proof of what happened to Garner. Unfortunately, this made him a public enemy of police who […]

Plus, Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby is released on $50,000 bond and POTUS stresses that discrimination in the justice system should be a concern for all.