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Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who is responsible for shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown, is in final negotiations with city officials to resign. CNN is reporting that Wilson wants to make it clear that he’s not admitting fault in Brown’s death and that he’s not done anything wrong, but he thinks his resignation would be best for the Ferguson police department. Apparently, Wilson told people close to him that his resignation would help relieve pressure in Ferguson and also protect his fellow officers. Well, he’s got a point there.

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The Washington Post is reporting that Wilson has been receiving threats to his safety and because of that, he’s been forced to go into hiding. A bounty is reportedly being offered for murder. Even if no charges are filed, whether he could return (safely) to his law enforcement career is doubtful.

Wilson resigning while a grand jury deliberates over whether or not he will be convicted looks a bit suspect and Wilson is aware of that. Reports claim that Wilson has expressed to those close to him that he’s concerned about appearing at fault if he resigns.

CNN is speculating that Wilson could resign as soon as today, the same day a St. Louis County grand jury meets to deliberate and possibly decide on an indictment. Missouri governor, Jay Nixon has issued a 30-day state of emergency in Ferguson in preparation of the grand jury’s decision. And if Wilson gets off, we’re all expected Ferguson to react passionately in protests. However, we found out through Millennial Activist United founding member Ashley Yates that protests in Ferguson haven’t stopped since the day Mike Brown was killed this summer.

The Daily Kos wrote a post called “Riots, Protest, Legal Battles: Consequences If Darren Wilson Is Not Indicted For Killing Mike Brown,” and in the post, the author detailed the point of the sensational headline, “[T]he point here is not to say that riots are the best optional available, but it is to acknowledge that when people feel their backs are against the wall, it feels like the best option.”

Many of us rushed to judgment immediately after hearing that Brown lost his life to an officer of the law as he was surrendering with his hands up. Then when we learned that Brown was Black and his killer is White, well…that just added more fuel to the fire that was already roasting inside of us all. It became a race issue. It’s reminiscent of the OJ Simpson case where a Black man was on trial for the murder of a White woman and our country divided this into a Black and White issue. Black people believed that OJ was not guilty and White people wanted him to hang for killing Nicole Brown. Once he was found not guilty, Black people celebrated.

This could also be compared to Trayvon Martin’s case, where the Black teen was killed at the hands of George Zimmerman, a White Hispanic. Very quickly, this also became a Black and White issue and Zimmerman’s acquittal was all the proof that Black needed to know that Black lives don’t matter. And this, beauties, is the biggest issue that will be raised if Mike Brown’s killer is acquitted.

We’re patiently waiting for the grand jury’s controversial decision.


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