“Stop focusing on the way I f*cking look and give me a book. My aspirations in life shouldn’t be worrying about the shape of my ass.”

“One out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man. Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f*cking rape.”

All these pretty little girls (6-13) dressed up like princesses in this campaign drop more F-bombs than we’re comfortable with within two minutes and 34 seconds. affectionately call them “Swear Jar Princesses” and the whole point of this shocking commercial is to draw attention to words that are more offensive than “f*ck,” like “pay inequality” or “rape.” While we completely understand the message these young ladies are putting out in this viral video, we can’t help but cringe at it.

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Yes, women are paid 23 percent less than men for the same “f*cking” work and one in five women are raped or sexually assaulted in gender-based violence, both of which the girls address in the PSA, but is this effective? The girls ask the question, “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women?”

Video producer Mike Kon said on’s Facebook page, “Some adults may be uncomfortable with how these little girls are using a bad word for a good cause. It is shocking what they are saying, but the real shock is that women are still paid less than men for the same work in 2014, not the use of the F-word. The big statistic that 1 out of 5 women are sexually assaulted or raped is something society seems to find less offensive than a little four letter word and we love how these girls draw attention to that imbalance.” He added, “Instead of washing these girls’ mouths out with soap, maybe society needs to clean up its act.”

One thing that we do love about this commercial is that these articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the “princess in distress” stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as “pay inequality” and “rape.”

Later in the video, women wearing T-shirts with bold pink text declaring “Girls Just Want to Have Fun-damental Rights” and “This is What a #Feminist Looks Like” showing us what the entire jaw-dropping moment is all about: The video is part of advocacy T-shirt company’s charity T-shirt fundraising effort. The group’s website is making tees available starting at $15, with $5 from each tee sold benefiting five anti-sexism organizations and projects and asks website visitors to suggest their favorite groups to benefit.

The video also features a 12 year-old boy wearing a pink gown standing up against sexism saying, “When you tell boys not to ‘act like a girl,’ it’s because you think it’s bad to be a girl.” Lots of bold actions to make several great points: women are treated unequally and people need to stop diminishing the strength it takes to be a woman when commenting that a boy “acts like a girl.”

So what do you think beauties? Offensive or effective?


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