The Gucci Cruise 2020 collection is a reminder to keep your hands off women's (well dressed) bodies. Would you wear any of these pieces?

Reports estimate over 42 women have been the victimized in the city of Kampala since the beginning of the year.


Michelle Obama continues to make us proud, even outside of the White House.

It's safe to say, no one could fathom the overwhelming turnout for the Women's March in Washington on Saturday (Jan 21).


This bit of international #BlackGirlMagic is bound to brighten up your day! As Americans, we are well aware of all the benefits of living in Canada, including how forward-thinking they are in ways that we have yet to catch up to. Well they are taking another giant step forward by officially putting a black woman […]

Socioeconomic status can make a period quite embarrassing for a woman who can't afford the products. Furthermore, many women believe we shouldn't have to be economically punished by paying to take care of something that comes naturally.

President Obama on Saturday dedicated his keynote speech at the Phoenix Awards to Black women

Senate Democratic leaders blocked a procedural vote that would have cut funding for Planned Parenthood this week.


Taraji P. Henson finally graced the famed stage of Saturday Night Live on April 11. Or, as she called it, the moment that: “proves after 20 years in show business, white people finally know who I am!” Henson is always a delight to watch. And she does have a great, dry comedic effect when exercising her […]

I'm genuinely excited to see Amber Rose going out to host an event that is highly significant to (and emblematic) of the contemporary feminist movement. But with such a divisive and alienating part of the movement, doesn't SlutWalk warrant a harmonious response from a united front of black women?

We don’t know how much more of this 13-year-old’s awesome-ness we can take! Girl power icon-in-the-making and Little League champ Mo’ne Davis has collaborated with socially-conscious company M4DE (Make A Difference Everyday) for a sneaker line aimed at encouraging young girls and helping them out of destitution through a percentage of sales. MUST READ: The White House Initiates #LetGirlsLearn […]


It’s tough enough being in jail with its closed-in walls and dismal atmosphere, but imagine being stuck in that kind of confinement while also being pregnant? Miyhosi Benton and Maria Caraballo, two formerly incarcerated women, spoke candidly on it, as survivors, during a Huffington Post Live episode. Their revelations were not surprising in how jail conditions already scrape by […]