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OK, for some reason, micropenises are having a big moment right now.

Between Vice’s account from a man who has one, to last week’s episode of Fox’s “New Girl” and Buzzfeed’s roundup of 14 women who have actually dated men who have them it’s just one of those topics that keeps popping up lately. No pun intended, because, sadly, these peens just don’t seem to stand up at all.  We’re not talking about men who are “growers not showers.” By definition, a micropenis or “buried penis” is one that has a length of  three inches or less when erect (for context, your pinky finger’s bigger). Only 0.6% of men have them.

TMZ caught up with “Real Housewives” star Phaedra Parks, who we all know loves to talk about all things sex, and asked her if she met a man who was fine as hell, had a great body and a great personality…but he had a micropenis would she stay?

Phaedra, who did not take the opportunity to slam her soon-to-be-ex Apollo, simply answered: yes, if he had a “macro tongue.” Surprisingly, many of the women Buzzfeed rounded up agreed, and all of them said that the micropenis, in and of itself, was not a dealbreaker.  “The first time we had sex was the only time we had actual penetrative sex — for the rest of the time we dated, we engaged in oral sex only. I didn’t mind this at all — he was really good at what he did!” exclaimed one woman. Another said: “He was a generous and giving lover who cared about my pleasure, cared that I came more often than him (!), and knew how to get me there, and really, what more could a girl want? So my advice to ladies is: Embrace the micropenis.”  Hmmm….is everyone just trying to be nice or are these little bits not really that bad?

We know if there was a “micropenis” equivalent for women we wouldn’t hear the end of it from men, but would you give a guy a chance who had one?

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