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What happens when you mix reality show bad boy, Ray J with hip hop prettiest pin up, Amber Rose? Magic, that’s what! I got the chance to chop it up with Amber and Ray and we tackled meaty relationship topics like how long is too long to be engaged, dating outside your age bracket and having a threesome with your mate. Their answers will surprise you, especially when we started talking about threesomes!

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Ray J is in a relationship with fellow “Love & Hip Hop L.A.” cast member, Princess Love, but he’s no stranger to having a playboy reputation. So when he explained his feelings on introducing another person into his bed with his girl, I have to admit, I was more than shocked.

And we all know that Amber is happily married to Wiz Khalifa. She admitted to #TeamBeautiful that she loves everything about him, “He’s amazing, I love the way he smells. I love the way his hair smells, his neck, even his underarms, it’s that man, sexy smell.” However, we also know that Amber loves to kiss the ladies (random ones and legendary ones), so her response to the threesome question was definitely shocking. Check out what Ray and Amber had to say about their relationships:

HelloBeautiful: How do you handle being in a relationship with someone who wants to change you? Have you ever tried to change a mate?

Ray J: If a woman wants to better me and help me become better, I’m with that. You like me for me, so I can’t be somebody else. I’ve never tried to change a woman. I’ve always tried to uplift a woman and support her being an entrepreneur, a business woman and on the same level as me. I never try and look down on my woman, or put her in a [negative] space.

Amber Rose: I’m married now, so with my husband, I knew exactly what I was getting into, everything about him. For people who get into a relationship and try to change that person, it’s not ideal, you should know exactly what you have and what you’re getting into and deal with every aspect of that person’s life.

HB: How much of an age difference in relationships is too much?

RJ: If you love somebody, you love somebody, it’s not about age. It’s about that right connection. I don’t think there should be any of that. If it’s legal, I think it’s all good. I don’t have a limit. They could be 15 years older than you or one month–it’s about how you feel about each other.

AR: I feel like if the girl is extremely underage, that’s just inappropriate. I do believe a man in his 20s can date an older woman and vice versa. Love comes in all different ages.

HB: How long would you be willing to stay engaged?

RJ: [smiles] I don’t know! It’s like, if I get engaged, then I might as well get married–I don’t know…a year, tops. If you’re engaged for 10 years, the woman will start trippin’! [laughs]

AR: Actually, once I got engaged, I started planning the wedding and then I got pregnant, so that was all messed up. One of my good friends has been engaged for nine years. I would not do that, no. There’s no way.

HB: Would you ever introduce another woman into your marital bed?

RJ: Like have a threesome? I don’t think that’s healthy. You can do all that when you’re trying to live life and turn up. After you get that out the way, the real relationship–anything you’re involved with with anyone else–that will mess that up in my opinion.

AR: I am not open to that at all. I do not believe in sharing my husband. I’m not into girls coming into the bedroom. I know we look crazy and we’re pretty awesome, but we’re lame when it comes to that. We’re very traditional. We’re not into that at all.

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