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1. We Are So In Love With Amber Rose’s Lil’ Family!

In case you’re not following Amber Rose (@muvarosebud) on Instagram, just know that you should be. She posts the most adorable and loving pics of her and Wiz and their scrumptious bundle of joy–Baby Bash!

Check out all the reasons we love following this cute couple!

2. Do The Hokey Pokey

“The whole Family sang the Hokey Pokey for Sebastian. That’s pretty much a daily routine for us. Anything to see our baby smile 😍”

3. Lessons From Daddy

“Happy 1st Birthday to our Lil Baby Sebastian!!!! We were up partying 7am this morning with our chugga choo! 😍🎁🎉🎊🎈”

4. Teach Me How To Dougie

“#Tbt oh u didn’t know Bash knew how to do the Dougie at 7 months old?! 😉”

5. Baby Bash Serving Rick Ross Realness

“#tbt Lmao Bash looks so Bawse in this pic at 7 months old 😍”

6. Daddy & Me

“Bashalini and Daddy watching Big Bugs Band 😍”

7. The Shade

“😎 The Bash 😎”

8. The Lovely Couple

“Cam <3's Amb 😍"

9. Wiz & Amber In Love

“Goodnight 😍”

10. Wiz & Amber Are Perfect Together

“Husband and Wife. 😍”

11. Happy B-Day Baby Bash!

“Sebastian had a blast eating his Birthday cake! Lol he made such a mess and we let him! #HappyBirthdayBash 🎁🎉🎈”

12. Look At The Beautiful Kid They Created

“Soup Coolers 😍”

13. Baby Bash!

“Swag 😍”

14. Amber May Be A “Muva,” But She’s Still Trill

“Ouchy @nikkohurtado 😝”

15. See…Still Trill

“Sometimes u just gotta take it back to the hood 🔥”

16. Baby Bash Loves To Play

“All the toys Santa got my boy and He wants to play with a diaper box Lol #kids 😍”

17. Muva Is Ridiculously Fly!


18. We Told You!

“Happy New Year – Muva”

19. Muva & Baby Bash Time

“Me and Bash’s early morning sleepy convo 😍”

20. On Top Of The World

“Daddy and Mommy brought Sebastian to where we had our first date…. Runyon Canyon! We had the stroller but our baby wanted us to hold him and Bash gets what Bash wants. 😍”

21. A Perfect Mix Of Amber & Wiz

“He has his Dads smile and his moms style 😎”

22. Merry Christmas Baby Bash!

“Hfdhjhxsadb – Bash tweet 🎁”

23. Twinsies!

“Cheeeeeeze! 😍”

24. We Can’t Get Enough Of Baby Bash!

“Sebastian’s afternoon snack Lol he’s so silly! 😍”

25. Muva’s #FBF Are The Cutest You’ve Ever Seen!

“#FlashbackFridays When Sebastian was 5 months old. He’s been smiling and laughing since he’s been born. I feel so blessed to have such a happy Lil boy He’s my Angel 😍 #SebastianThomaz”

26. The Happy Couple

“Muva & Fava ❤”

27. Daddy & Bash Time

“Goodness i missed this boy”

28. Happy Holidays From The Khalifas!


29. Mr. & Mrs. Khalifa

“Hearts and shit”

30. He Loves Muva

“Damn yo 😍”

31. Couples Who Take Selfies Together…Stay Together

“I’m soooo gonna do him later 😇”

32. insta-wiz-amber

33. Amber’s Babies

“My babies! 😍”

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