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It “only” took 256 sandwiches, but Stephanie Smith finally got her ring. 

Yes, it’s true. The New York Post writer who rose to Internet fame last year after her story of making her boyfriend 300 sandwiches to prove she was “wife material,” went viral is now engaged to her hungry-a*s boyfriend Eric Schulte, even though she came up a few dozen sandwiches short.

The recipe that sealed the deal? Sandwich number #256, the “Kite Surf Fuel” — complete with arepas with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, tomato and onion — that she made shortly after arriving in Barbados for vacation with her beau, according to her blog. She wrote that she was in the middle of making Recipe #257  “The ‘Fishkiller’ Fish Cutter” when her man popped the question. “I guess neither one of us could wait until #300!” Smith gushed.

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As you may recall, all it took was one ham and cheese creation for Smith’s bootleg-Alexandar Skarsgard-looking boyfriend to get hooked on her sandwich-making and muse, “you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” Smith then sprang into action and, in her own words, “got to cooking” and detailed her culinary creations on a blog that was then covered for the paper she works for.

If readers weren’t rolling their eyes at the Post story where Smith details her boyfriend-turned-fiance making statements like, You’ve been up for 15 minutes and you haven’t made me a sandwich?” there was even more eyes to the side when the announcement came that she had scored a book deal over the whole ordeal (hello, publicity stunt!).

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With the book scheduled for release around Valentine’s Day 2015, it’s definitely “perfect timing” to plan the wedding right around the release date for the book, which now has the setup for a happy ending.  See?: 

The foodie fairytale that left many readers nauseous gets a happy ending


Smith previously responded to all the critics who cried that she’s setting the feminist movement back at least 60 years and said, “For those who think I’m sacrificing myself for Eric, know that he does most of the cooking, often having dinner ready when I come home late from work. He also suffers through many episodes of “House Hunters” on HGTV. He does things I like, just as I make sandwiches he likes, because that’s what a couple does. These aren’t sacrifices. They are what you do when you enjoy seeing the person you love happy.”

I mean they do say “say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but would you make like Smith and “get to cooking” if your man required 300 sandwiches out of you before proposing?  


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