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The jury tasked with deciding the fate of Michael Dunn, a Florida man accused of shooting a Black teenager to death over loud music, resumed deliberations today.

The five men and seven women, all of whom will remain isolated and hidden away until a verdict is made, had reportedly met for more than three hours yesterday and requested a surveillance video.

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Dunn has been charged with first degree murder and could face life in prison. However, prior to the jurors’ initial deliberation, the judge informed them that they could also consider lesser charges, such as second degree murder, manslaughter and justifiable or excusable homicide.

At the center of this trial is Jordan Davis, the dead 17-year-old  high school student who “didn’t stand a chance” after Dunn, 47, opened fire on him following a dispute in a gas station in November 2012, according to prosecutors.

Dunn and his fiancée, Rhonda Rouer, had just come from his son’s wedding and made a fateful stop at the Jacksonville convenience store for wine and chips, parking beside a red SUV where Davis and his friends were sitting and playing music. Dunn then allegedly asked the young men to turn down the music.

This is where the story gets murky, depending on who is telling it.

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The prosecution claimed Dunn shot the group of young men to “preserve his pride.” Dunn, on the other hand, testified earlier this week that he had feared for his life and acted in self-defense by shooting Davis nine times.

“My intent was to stop the attack, not necessarily end a life,” he said. “It just worked out that way.”

Throughout the trial, a number of inconsistencies surfaced between Dunn’s account of the shooting and those of several witnesses; mainly, whether Davis had a gun with which he explicitly threatened Dunn, as the defendant told jurors.

“He said ‘This sh–’s going down,’” Dunn told the jury. “I grabbed the gun and cocked and pointed it to my left. I said, ‘You’re not going to kill me you son of a b—-,’ and I shot.”

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Directly following the shooting, Dunn and his fiancée returned to his hotel room, where they reportedly ordered a pizza and stayed the night. They returned home the next morning.

“You have to understand, we didn’t think anybody was hurt,” Dunn testified. “We were not in trouble with police. We might be in trouble with the local gangsters but did nothing wrong.”

In the closing remarks, Assistant State Attorney Erin Wolfson told the jurors that Dunn did not tell his fiancée that he had seen a weapon until more than one month later, CNN reports. Wolfson also noted that Dunn did not call 911 at any point.

“This defendant didn’t tell anyone because he thought he had gotten away with murder.”


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