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A Texas father accused of fatally shooting a 17-year-old boy he caught hiding in his teenage daughter’s bedroom early Thursday morning might not face any charges, according to an area prosector. Local officers are currently preparing a case to present to the grand jury. “What was going on in the person’s mind at the time […]

Do your local media outlets represent the stories, issues and people of your community? The authors behind a pilot study commissioned by the Federal Communications Commission were gearing up to answer this important question. The study’s main objective? To investigate whether whether local news outlets were meeting the information needs of their communities, particularly regarding women and people […]

Louisiana man, Glenn Ford, spent nearly three decades behind bars on death row for a crime he did not commit before walking free earlier this week. “My sons — when I left — was babies,” the 64-year-old told reporters outside the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola upon his release on Tuesday. “Now they grown men with […]

The latest glimmer of hope in the ongoing race to cure AIDS comes from an experimental new gel. Researchers announced this week that a vaginal gel helps protect monkeys–and, potentially, women–against HIV infection, even when it is applied as long as three hours after sexual intercourse. “If you’re having sex that’s in any way not […]

Have you seen 2-year-old Myra Lewis? The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the return of the Black toddler who has been missing for more than a week. Myra was last seen playing with her sister outside of their Madison County, Mississippi home the morning of Saturday, March 1. Here’s what […]

For decades now, young couples have been warned about “playing house” and “shacking up” before marriage. Who would buy the cow when they can have the milk for free? Critics of premarital cohabitation (or rather, couples living together before marriage) have long since pointed to a wealth of studies that associated cohabitation with elevated risks […]

First Lt. Dina Elosiebo took the motivational phrase, “reach for the stars,” to all new heights this month after making military history. After completing Initial Entry Rotary Wing Flight School at Fort Rucker, Ala. and earning her Army aviator wings, Elosiebo became the first African-American female pilot to graduate from The District of Columbia National Guard. “This […]

A worldwide search is under way for a Malaysian passenger jet that appears to have vanished while flying more than 200 passengers over Southeast Asia. As of Tuesday, investigators still seem to have no clue about what happened or where these hundreds of people might be. The giant Boeing 777-200 left Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian […]

The parents of Black slain teens Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis have teamed up with  Rev. Al Sharpton and radio entertainer Tom Joyner to lead a rally today against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. Sharpton, president of the National Action Network, will lead a march on March 10 in Tallahassee beginning at 9:30 a.m. from the […]

The first miracle baby to be functionally cured of HIV in the US is now in good company, doctors say. Born in California last summer to a mother with advanced, untreated AIDS, a nine-month-old girl has been declared HIV-negative after having received antiretroviral drugs immediately following its birth. Traces of the virus have seemingly vanished from the infant’s […]

The last abortion clinic in Rio Grande Valley, an area in the poorest part of Texas, closed its doors on Thursday evening following new legal restrictions on abortion providers. To place the significance of this closure into context, the rate of self-induced abortions is apparently one of the highest in the country. Two more clinics […]

Students preparing to take the SAT: your prayers have been answered. Say good-bye to required essays, penalties for wrong answers and uncommon vocabulary words like “prevaricator” and “sagacious.” The makers of the college entrance exam taken by millions of students each year have announced a series of sweeping changes to be made in the test. Teenagers have […]