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On last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the  ladies continued their “bonding” trip in Savannah, GA but they’re struggling to get along while they battle their own issues. Last week they were at each other’s throats over former boyfriends and the extent of their relationships, this week tears were shed over the subject of dating but it wasn’t about the women.

Over breakfast conversation shifted to motherhood and how it varies among the sexes,  and it all kicked off with    Nene saying she doesn’t agree with Cynthia’s approach to her daughter dating. Cynthia has met her daughter’s boyfriend’s mother and now is usually the chauffeur to their dates while Nene doesn’t allow her son, Brent, who is the same age to date at all. This brings up the age old argument of how young is too young to begin dating?

This conversation took a turn for the worse when Nene attempted to imply that girls are far more assertive than boys and it was the sons who needed to be careful. As the mother of a daughter I can say with certainty that I will not be allowing my daughter to have one on one dates at thirteen but I cannot agree with Ms. Leakes that girls of this generation are coercing the boys to do anything. Have you seen the video app Vine lately? It’s filled to the brim with half dressed teenagers all vying for six seconds of attention.

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Back in my day people still had to call the house phone to reach a crush. Truth be told most children of this generation are far more advanced and knowledgeable about subjects I had no idea about at their age because of the easy access to adult appropriate content via the internet and what is shown on television. I have been witness to both boys and girls at young ages discussing and engaging in conversations or activities that I believe are too sexual for their ages. With young children nowadays being exposed to sexuality much quicker it isn’t hard to believe that some parents are more willing to be closely involved in their children’s lives as opposed to letting them learn about these subjects from their peers.

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Kandi and Cynthia, the only mothers of girls in the “Housewives” group, battled with Nene and Phaedra, both parents to boys, who claimed that it was their sons that would need protecting from the wiles of adolescent girls.  The idea that their boys are being influenced solely by young giggling girls in the mall makes me question what advice or lessons they are giving their men to be.  But furthermore, none of the girls confronted NeNe about her parenting when her older son, Bryson, got a girl pregnant or got arrested in previous season , so it’s interesting that NeNe would feel the need to throw her unsolicited two cents in about Cynthia’s daughter’s supervised puppy love.

Porsha and Kenya sat on the outside both as women who have had their own woes with parenting bringing their opinions to the table. Kenya with the element of not having a relationship with her mother said she hopes she never has a daughter so she isn’t reminded of the failed situation she comes from. While Porsha just longs to be a parent so badly.

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It begs the question, what kind of mother are you or what kind do you want to be? Do you think your sons are the apple of your eye who would never chase a skirt or are you teaching your them that all women are out for something and they must protect themselves vehemently? Perhaps you’re the mother of a daughter who is just beginning to like boys and wants to spend a day at the mall with a particular young man. Where do you draw the line, when do you let your little girl grow up or your baby boy begin to become a man?

There’s an old saying, “Mother’s love their sons and raise their daughters.”  Tell me what do you think it means, hit me up on Twitter @Hautemommie let’s discuss. Follow me there for more of my thoughts on this and much more. Meet me here same time next for more with the girls of Atlanta, peace!


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