Shout out to Winnie for supporting women in Kenya...while being so lovely and stylish with it!


Phaedra flipped the script on Kenya and insinuated that she was the cause of her divorce from Apollo.

Since 2000, we have lost more than two million elephants. The 'Black Panther' actress is taking a stand.


The many expatriate workers and volunteers who travel to Kenya each year to help are being told to leave the country and return home.

Media outlets and Kenyans tweeted in celebration of the reopening, saying: "The pen is mightier than the gun."

Dear Black girls everywhere in the world: Natural hair is beautiful and you are perfect the way you are.

Why didn't we give the same attention to terror attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, Kenya and the countless other atrocities around the world?

While on his much-talked about visit to Kenya, Obama discusses gay rights - a generally ignored topic among Kenyans.

The president's visit to Kenya is important for him presidentially, and personally.

Kenyan warplanes bombed two key camps of the militant group Al-Shabaab Sunday, following a brutal assault on a university last week that left 148 dead and dozens injured, a military spokesman announced. The airstrikes hit the terror group’s camps in a remote region in neighboring Somalia, Kenyan military spokesman David Obonyo said in a press […]


Al-Shabab gunmen ambushed a college campus in Garissa in northeast Kenya early Thursday, slaughtering 15, wounding 65, and taking an untold number of hostages on…

The second installment of the RHOA reunion aired last night and it dropped us right back in the center of the hostility. Fresh from being dragged across the ballroom like a Swiffer sweeper, Kenya was still up in arms about Porsha’s reaction to her taunting. Sitting perched high on that blue velveteen couch she insinuated that […]