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Wondering what Evelyn Lozada is up to when she is not filming Vh1’s “Basketball Wives” or glowing from her second pregnancy? She’s sweating. With YouTube fitness sensation, Zuka Light that is. The two have teamed up to create a highly anticipated fitness DVD, “Real Fit Female Disc 1: Abs Slim Down!”

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Here’s the three things I learned while trying out Evelyn’s “Real Fit Female: Abs Slim Down:”

1. Your Core Just Got Engaged

Most people don’t realize that building a strong core has nothing to do with crunches. All of my clients are shocked when they start seeing results in their midsection knowing that not a single crunch was involved.

With that said, I love how Lozada’s DVD incorporates total body core specific exercises within this DVD. Each of the three easy toning workouts strengthens and sculpts the entire body. Looking to add total body exercises that double as core workouts to your regimen? Then try out this DVD already.

Here’s a little icing to add to your “core building cake:” Every time you perform any exercise imagine someone is going to punch you in the stomach during the hardest part. This instantly invites your core to become stabilizers. And when the core gets used to stabilizing movement you better be ready to buy smaller belts, sis. Easy peasy!

2. Balance It All Out

All three workouts included in Disc 1: Abs Slim DVD challenge your core via balance. This simple, yet challenging addition to your workouts can be the one thing standing between you and your hourglass figure lady.

So here’s the deal–seen in Lozada’s DVD, any exercise that challenges your balance challenges your core. Start doing your upper body exercises balancing on one leg and your core muscles have no choice but to fire up in order to hold you up. Couple this with the mat and standing exercises in this DVD and you will be beach body ready far before those sunny seasons start to roll in. No excuses, if you have space, determination and a bikini dying to be worn in a few months then “Real Fit Female Disc 1: Abs Slim Down!” is for you boo.

3. Don’t Forget To Back It Up

The front of the body gets all the play in the gym. However what many fitness newbies (or even oldies) fail to recognize is- backing it up is important too. Working the muscles in the back of the body (ie. the lower back, hamstrings, upper back etc.) is essential for true overall strength.

The core is it’s strongest when it’s sister muscles are strong too. Lozada totally get this concept and you can count on working the lower back, glutes, and hips in this DVD too. Hello balanced body! So what’s up? Are you down to give this result driven workout DVD series a try? I am.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!

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