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Did the flu knock you off your feet last year? Count yourself among the tens of thousands hit by one of the worst flu seasons in the U.S. in the last 15 years. Still wondering how you caught this airborne virus? Probably at the gym. Yep, the place where you train dirty is also straight up dirty – so keep reading and find out how to protect yourself while you physically transform yourself.

Wipe Me Down

Did you know that your favorite cardio machine is also a hotbed for germ activity? While some of you may be like “duh!” 63 percent of regular sweat addicts do not wipe down after they get down. Hello. So guard yourself from germs and always wipe cardio machines, free weights, weight machines – shoot everything- with disinfectant before and after you use it. Are you a forgetful one? Latching one of those keychain antibacterial gels (make sure it has alcohol) on to your water bottle is an excellent way to remember this crucial step.

Lock It Down In The Locker Room

Norovirus – a fungi responsible for foot infections, skin infections, stomach viruses etc.- is nothing to play with. This yucky germ lurks in locker room showers, so if you must shower at the gym make sure you lock it down first. Here’s how:

1) Always wear shower shoes so you can flip and flop out of the gym without athlete’s foot

2) Use antibacterial soap and scrub a dub dub without ringworms in the tub.

3) Don’t shave. Sorry little bugs your can’t enter my body through tiny nicks.

4) Avoid placing your bare rump on shower seats or locker room benches.

5) Just go home and bathe.

This is the best option. However make sure your commute doesn’t take forever. Chillin’ in your sweaty clothes too long is just as bad as splashing around in the gym’s showers.

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