Hotels are soooo last year! The next big craze in travel is vacation rentals. Why overpay for a tiny room with blahsay amenities when you can slash the price and stay in a comfortable home. There are levels to this though. Some sites link you with couches to crash on and some link you with spacious estates! Check out my five favorite websites for vacation rentals and get packing!

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My best friend swears by this site and has completely given up on hotels altogether after finding it. AirBnB is available in 192 countries and boasts that you can stay in apartments, rooms, treehouses and boats through them. This is another one of those companies that allows people to rent out their unused spaces and works off a system of security checks, profiles and reviews.


This site connects travelers with rooms for rent by property owners. A huge plus is that the average rental size is 1,800 square feet (hotel rooms are usually around 350 square feet) and there are 540,000 properties in 100 countries to choose from!


Flipkey by Trip Advisor seems like a match made in heaven right? They are the #1 rated website/app for travel reviews has moved into the world of vacation rentals. They feature 240,000 vacation homes in over 11,000 cities throughout the world.


Disclaimer, this website is NOT for the faint of heart. If you are broke or just looking for adventure, couchsurfing might be perfect for you! With four million members in 90,000 cities, the site offers free accommodations (usually on another person’s couch) and even meals. A girlfriend of mine actually used this and backpacked around Europe for two weeks, finding a new couch to crash on each night. Also based on a profile and reviewer system, log on and cross your fingers!


Here’s a cool one for people who are traveling for festivals or specific large scale events (think Coachella or Oktoberfest). The company’s aim is to provide less expensive  accommodations for big events and allows guests to search by destination and a host of other filters like privacy.

Happy traveling!

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