Upon hearing about this conversation, I immediately felt like Carrie Bradshaw when Big told her the same thing once she got engaged to Aiden. What about me had me pegged as the non-marrying kind?

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Maybe it was my fierce independence or the fact I never was a serial monogamist? Maybe it was because I constantly made fun of the lame types who preferred Netflix over nights out on the town? Maybe it was because I constantly flirted with this guy and he couldn’t fathom my being in a committed relationship before he got a chance to have sex with me?

Who knows?

I later ran into this guy at a reception and jokingly brought up the conversation he had with my friend. We had a couple of chuckles about it and I showed him my engagement ring as proof that, yes, I am getting married. His response, “Oh sh*t, you are really getting married…and all the single men in New York are secretly weeping.”

I chose to take that as a compliment.

About the Author: She holds multiple degrees, is a natural born socialite, a business owner, an extreme exerciser of faith and a realist. After 3 years of dating and a year of being engaged, she is ready to tell the truth about what to expect when you are transitioning from being a single woman with no worries to a future wife. For the sake of these articles, let’s just call her Nina. After all, that was here “Club Name” for over 15 years….so yeah, introducing Nina.

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