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Trying to be loser? Well here’s the good news: In the last decade, I have helped transform many lives and bodies as a personal trainer. The best part of that is seeing the ones who have not only dropped the pounds, but have kept them off! These are truly winners! Are you ready to kiss those last 10 lbs goodbye for good this time? Then learn from real life losers who have already paved the way.

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I recently teamed up with my fellow body-transforming friend and celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser, Dolvett Quince and am proud to present to you “how to learn from losers!” Watch our fun and sweaty time on RADtv!

Motivation Renovation

What inspired you to start losing weight initially may not be the same thing that helps you keep the pounds off. Therefore, it may be time for some renovations in the motivation department. Keep it fresh and recognize that while trying to avoid your family’s history of diabetes may have got you in the gym, rocking your favorite skinny jeans year round may be what keeps you there. “You have to work on the internal if you want to change the external,” says Dolvett. So if you want to change your body you have to change (and keep changing) your mind first.

Sweat In The Name Of Love

If working out hasn’t become a habit or a necessity in your life just yet, then try making it more meaningful. Once you stop viewing the time you spend sweating as a bore/chore you will find that making it a lifestyle becomes that much easier. For instance, if you like to meditate, then start seeing your after lunch walks as a chance to connect spiritually. This mind-body connection is actually how I got into running. Several years ago I was desperately craving alone time and just to escape the noise, I would go out for a run. This one-on-one time instantly became sacred and addictive, and the next thing you know I was a bonafide runner. Find something you need daily, connect it to something physical and instantly become more active. And as Dolvett says, “This aint for everybody…just your body.” Make it personal.

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