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#TeamBeautiful had the privilege in attending a portion of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion special taping, filmed in NYC a few weeks ago and rest assure, VH1 has plentiful ratchet footage in-store to keep its core audience entertained! Loose ends are tied, some are unwoven and Joseline Hernandez came prepared to fight! Needless to say, the reunion picks up precisely where season two left off…

If you need any reasons to watch the reunion on August 5th, here are five:

Joseline Hernandez Baby!

As if she needs any introduction! Joseline Hernandez (along with Stevie J) is the reason behind “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” massive success and she doesn’t disappoint at the reunion special. Jos wasted no time attacking Mimi. And after the last episode, when Mimi was laughing in her face after Stevie gave her and Joseline a “life partner” ring, you can imagine the intensity of her force! She stopped at nothing to reach Mimi, who was protected by body guards. Without spoiling the entire show, I will reveal that stilettos were thrown!

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What might not be revealed after editing, is the conversation Mimi and Joseline began to have once the mayhem settled down. It was almost as if, Mimi was speaking to Joseline as a concerned mother and Joseline was actually taking heed. Their emotional session was cut short, but there is clearly something happening between the trio.

Not to mention she was serving Rihanna realness with her new blonde cut and body banging in her mermaid-like dress.

Momma Dee’s Couture Gown

Momma Dee walked straight off the runway and onto the VH1 set where she sat perched in a couture gown and jeweled head-piece. Momma Dee stayed true to her overbearing demeanor. However, she did issue an apology, to a certain cast member (and it’s not who you think!)

Mimi’s New Attitude

That boob job must have done something to Mimi’s confidence, because she was a new person at the reunion special. The swelling in her breasts went down and the surgery compliments her petite frame. She looked ah-mazing. But! was noticeably intoxicated. She remained strong on the stage and didn’t let joseline or Stevie bully her (when she wasn’t ducking Joseline’s fist and shoe). She even dropped a few jewels on Joseline.

Stevie J is…Stevie J

Now what would the reunion be without the man of the hour–Stevie J. He was more reserved than usual, letting the females talk and fight out their problems over him. At one point he attempted to get a hold on Joseline, but as we know, that’s quite the impossible. Mona Scott-Young did ask what was on his mind giving both the women in his life, rings, and he gave only an answer Stevie J could.

Erica Dixon

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What we love most about Erica Dixon is that she seems to have the most common sense of the bunch. She realized her engagement was not going to work with Scrappy still messing around with Shay (who admitted some scandalous news during the taping) wasn’t going to work and removed herself from the situation. Erica, her mother, Scrappy and Momma Dee discuss one of the most talked about moments on the show–the big fight and EOE party and where they are now. Erica and Scrappy reportedly left early after their set.

Tune in on August 5th for part 1. It’s going to be a doozy!

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