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Mimi leaves Nikko & K. Michelle apologizes

We can explain how happy we are that Mimi woke and smelled the coffee and finally gave her attention thirsty “boo” Nikko the boot! During a meet-up, Nikko expressed how inappropriate it was for Mimi to behave the way she did when Stevie showed up to his music video viewing party. Mimi, of course, couldn’t understand how her thirst translated into disrespect, and while I don’t care for Nikko, I agree that she was out of line. Mimi, in normal Mimi fashion, stood toe-to-toe with Nikko, spewing her normal threats and curse words. Upon leaving, Nikko hinted at a threesome with Karlie Redd, which infuriated Mimi even more.

A few scenes later, Mimi, Ariane and K. Michelle attended church service where K. Michelle eventually apologized to Mimi.

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