Classic Stevie JMUST READ: Joseline Proposes To Stevie; Rasheeda Talks Divorce & Scrappy Apologizes [L&HHATL RECAP]

Mimi said it best, Stevie is loyal to his man stick and money and that proved true last night when Stevie presented his baby’s mother and almost fiance with rings–promising both women that he’ll be in their lives forever. Joseline proposed to Stevie J in Puerto Rico, where she was shooting her video for “Mi Colta.” While he didn’t necessarily say “yes” he accepted that they were “life partners.”

Last night, Joseline and Mimi gathered to meet Stevie. Unbeknowst to the ladies, they were meeting up with one another. Joseline got what she dreamed of, Stevie put a ring on her finger. “Are we engaged, is that our bond?,” she asked only for Stevie him to ignore the question. To add insult to injury, he then gave Mimi a ring to wear as a symbol that he will always be in her life as well. Joseline flipped out and attempted to attack Stevie. The poor security guards who jumped inbetween them got the most of her beating!

It seems like Mimi, who recently enhanced her bust line, got the last laugh. “Who’s the maid now?” she joked.

The reunion special, which #TeamBeautiful attended, will tie up many of the loose ends this season left unraveled. Stay tuned because it’s going to get ratchet…very ratchet!

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