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If you’ve been keeping up with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta this season then you’re familiar with the disaster that is Kirk and Rasheeda’s relationship. Things seemed to be going well for the couple at first as they had just renewed their vows and looked as if they were more in love than ever. But everything hit the fan when Rasheeda announced to her husband that she was pregnant.

At that very moment, Kirk showed his true colors and proved himself to be a complete jerk! Not only was he disappointed in Rasheeda for getting herself “knocked up” (as if he had nothing to do with it), he suggested that she terminate the pregnancy! I, for one, couldn’t believe that Kirk was being so cruel to his wife, and on national television at that! I guess it’s safe to say Kirk’s behavior lately has been less than husband-like and he probably should take a seat before he digs himself a deeper hole! If that’s not enough for you, here are five more reasons why Kirk needs to have several seats and get his life (in my best Tamar Braxton voice)!

5. He Threatened K. Michelle

Sure, K. Michelle was out of line for throwing a burning candle at Rasheeda during their big blow up at Mimi’s housewarming and since Kirk is Rasheeda’s husband and is supposed to be the “protector” of their family, he had every right to protect his wife from bodily harm. However, when he showed up to K. Michelle’s studio session and went on to threaten her, things got a little weird. I, for one, am not here for a man threatening the life and well being of any woman and think that Kirk shouldn’t have taken the situation that far. Leave the drama between the females.

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