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Everything Else Is Eliminated (E Cups +)

I know finding bras in general can be tough for well endowed FitGirls, so you all were my first priority in this perfect sports bra search. The good news is I found three! So ditch your workouts no more and stop wearing two (or three) bras at a time and start sporting these three gems. I hope you and your girls love them!E-Panache1

1) The Panache Sports Bra

I had several FitGirls test this award winning bra and completely understand how it has obtained its well worthy title. The Panache Sports bra offers the ultimate support for any sport. You heard me…any! Run without the bounce or just feel sexy while you sweat like this RAD FitGirl Tester did: “My girls need underwire, comfortable straps and a thick band, and The Panache Sport Bra had all three requirements- plus it was sexy! Yes, I said sexy! In this bra, I can give a little cleavage while being worry-free about lack of support. Who could ask for more?” Try it and get ready to have your world rocked too.



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