Now more than ever folks are lacing up their sneakers and running races. The most popular distance? The 5-K! In 2011 5.3 million finishers added “I ran a 5K” to their “I am so RAD list!” And with so many fun options around today this number is steadily growing. Want to join the rankings? Keep reading and find out which 5K is best for you!

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Show Your True Colors

Looking for a moving party that doubles as a race? Then gear up in all white and get ready to sweat the rainbow during races such as The Color Run, Color Me RAD, (obviously I am a little bias towards this one…wink wink), or Run or Dye. Get doused in paint (which P.S. is super safe kaleidoscopic food colored cornstarch) and escape from the grind in a healthy fun way!

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