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As you stand in the elevator, smiling and giggling with your co-worker, think about the consequences. In that moment, the attention is appreciated and fairly innocent… until the opportunity to take things further presents itself. Let’s face it, the workplace is your second home. And, we’ve all heard of the terms “work boyfriend” or “work girlfriend. However, work relationships don’t all end in a fairy tale, that’s why they should be avoided at all costs!

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Here’s 5 reasons you should avoid temptation in the workplace!

You’re in a relationship

Perhaps your relationship at home isn’t going well, and you desperately seek someone to ignite that flame that seems to be down to scarce embers, pursuing a relationship with a co-worker may seem intriguing. However, if your current partner found out, that could endanger your colleague and your job! Let alone, ruin a relationship that could possibly have been revived!

Your reputation

Let’s face it, women have a harder time than men, advancing in the workplace. Women (most of the time) have to outwork their counterparts for respect and engaging in any sexual or inappropriate behavior around the fax machine could endanger your credibility.

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