Accept Your Truth

One thing Mary Jane is not is phony. She knows to call a booty call a booty call. She recognizes her A-cups could use some assistance, and she’s obviously aware her biological clock is ticking.

The successful single woman seemingly isn’t as interested in finding Mr. Right as she is in birthing a few babies. With that in mind, she keeps it real and decides to beat the odds anyway she can, even if that means stealing an unsuspecting man’s sperm.

Though she’s a realist, it seems she might benefit from a bit more introspection. Those inspirational quotes stuck to the mirrors only get you so far. While she’s obviously accepted the truth about her circumstances, she’s hasn’t come up with the most truthful way to deal with it. Will illegal insemination really solve her problems? Is a babydaddy the answer? Is she ready for motherhood?

The truth is, viewers will have to wait ‘til the series premiere to find out.

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