Marital Status Matters

Some folks aren’t too particular about the marital status of sexual partners, but Mary Jane does prefer to romantically involve herself with men who don’t have wives.

Marital status also matters when it comes to how you deal with an unfaithful lover. While, Mary Jane tosses out the man who’s lied to her and broken her heart, his wife opts to keep him and continue living with her husband and father of her children.

It’s comparable to the difference between babysitting and being a parent. When your own misbehaving child acts up, you deal with it. If it’s a friend’s kid, you send her home.

Having that ring, exchanging those vows, building that life together, whether a scorned woman sticks around or not, all of that has to be taken into consideration when a husband or wife cheats.

If you’re single…not so much. Next!

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