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This weekend I’m bringing you an intense film assortment that cover’s cult life, prison Life and an odd ball writer life (insert an “not about that life” joke here). After you watch, leave a comment with your review! Have an amazing weekend!

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The Source Family

This 2012 feature documentary recounts the story of Father Yod and The Source Family, a clan (often called cult group) of people who defined Utopian living in the 70’s. Spawned out of L.A, “The Source Family,” with Father Yod at its helm, had a health food restaurant on the sunset strip, a house in the hills, a rolls Royce, a rock band and members that could be considered socialites in the Hollywood scene. The kind of film that left me saying wide-eyed “What the hell???” at the screen. A lot of sex, rock and roll and granola-eating in this outlandish real life tale of people searching for spiritual enlightenment. (unrated, 98 min)

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