There are some social media rules I do put in place for my relationship:

  • Respect each other’s space: This means that you do not have to be up on his/her page liking or commenting on everything. They have other friends too.
  • Share networks on a few social media platforms: Facebook is a good one because family and mutual friends are on there.
  • If anything posted is bothering you or making you uncomfortable ask about it, don’t make assumptions: Sometimes people may not be aware of your relationship and will post flirty comments. Just bring the concern to the table and address it together, offline.
  • No going into each other’s phones without permission. That’s my personal space; you can see my phone with my permission and vice versa. Respect goes a long way.

These tips do not apply to sketchy characters that have been known to internet whore all over the world wide web, I don’t know a woman alive who hasn’t received a creepy, “Hi, how are you?” from that mutual friend you added who you thought was good people.

If you are currently with a man who you constantly have to monitor, I would have to ask, why you choose to remain with someone you can’t trust?

Respect and space to me builds trust as well as keeping an open dialogue on the subject matter. Keeping tabs on another person’s social media is like having someone stand over your bed watching at night……creepy and too much effort.

But let me be real, emotions usually prevail over logic when we see a LIKE on another woman’s picture…especially if the woman is perceived as attractive.

How do you handle bouts of social media jealousy? Do you agree or disagree with my social media rules?

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