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I was once on an interview, and the partner of the firm told me, “I leave the office at 4:30 pm every day, and if you have finished what you are working on, I see no reason why you should stay around just to stay around, you should go home. Also, I don’t work on the weekend….and neither should you.” I started looking around the room for the hidden cameras, and I immediately thought it was a set up because I had never experienced a supervisor being so open and courteous about work/life balance. I was lucky to get a job with that culture to say the least!

Must Read: CHICK CHAT: Your Attitude Can Make Or Break Your Career I have only worked either for myself and/or for small firms that do not require extensive work hours. However, I have several girlfriends who work in finance or in Big Law and, they either have to meet a deadline and/or knock out some upcoming projects, they have been asked to give up their personal weekend time at the request of their supervisors.

Weekend office visits are almost guaranteed in particular industries and at specific levels in your career. An educator may not be required to come in to teach on a weekend, a banker and/or lawyer may be called upon more often to do so. How should one handle such request to give up their personal time when 40+ hours have already been given a week?

Well, it depends on the company and your career goals.

I had a conversation this weekend with one of my girlfriends who has been practicing law for over eight years. She was asked by a partner at her firm to be on call on Saturday. She informed him on Thursday that for three particular hours on Saturday, she would not be available because she had previous plans, but anytime thereafter she would be able to work on the deal.

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