Simply sending in a resume and hoping for a call back isn’t going to cut it these days.

  If you have ever been informed that you are overqualified for a particular position, there may have been other underlying reasons for your not moving further in the selection process. Some of the most common meanings of being overqualified include the following: 1) You have been judged. Whether the hiring manager was correct in […]

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, women are currently out earning men in part time work. Although men, in general, continue to earn more than women in the workplace, the BLS study found that overall women’s earning capacity is drawing closer to our male counterparts. Must Read: Why This Hair Potion […]

I am always amazed and entertained when my friends and I discuss my personality type. I am definitely an introvert 85% of my life in both personal and professional settings. I prefer a quiet space to handle any tasks I may have and I can also survive with little-to-no human interaction for extended periods of […]

Are you officially tired of the monotony of your typical 9 to 5 work day? Have you been laid off or underemployed for years with no real plan on your next career goal, plan or opportunity? If so, you are not alone. Many working women who are seeking “alternative” employment, looking to make additional income […]

I consider it a blessing to have been raised by a mother who has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 35 years. She started out as a Vista Volunteer for United Way in Norfolk, Virginia and has managed to work her way up to Senior VP of Community Engagement and Alignment for United Way […]

Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images I worked for a law firm in Manhattan and initially, the set up, was a sweet deal. I was the only attorney in the New York office, the firm was located in another state, so it was like working alone (which I prefer). Whenever I had any questions about a file or […]

As we continue to enjoy what’s left of the summer months of 2013, many of us will take time out of our work schedules to vacation. Whether it is with family for a reunion, or a girl’s trip to an island, our work calendars and duties on the job have to be planned strategically in […]

The use of social media in today’s working environment is almost a necessity to stay on top of up to date trends, potential jobs and effective networking. LinkedIn, a social media engine utilized particularly for networking professionals, hosts great benefits for its users and members. Though this hub of useful connections and information is readily […]

Perception is everything. This is true whether your personal or business presence is at the forefront. How we present ourselves to peers, colleagues, clients and potential clients has a direct effect on business development and retention whether you are an entrepreneur or assisting with the overall branding and presence of the company that employs you. […]

Bartering–the direct trade of goods and services–has existed since the beginning of time and despite the introduction of money into society, it still serves as a means for receiving something you need in exchange for any goods or services you have to offer when your business is low on cash flow. Must Read: Tell Us […]