Her son Michael, on the other hand, joined in for the latter part of the interview and didn’t seem as “free.” He cleared the common misconception that Bobby Brown introduced Whitney to drugs, and admitted that he in fact introduced his sister to drugs when they were young in the 80s. Like many, when cocaine was easily accessible and new to the social scene, Michael was completely unaware of the torment and sickness the drug inflicted. Even though his sister told him, “Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or responsible for what I do. I’m a grown woman,” he couldn’t shake the guilt and said that he still blames himself. It was heartbreaking to hear Michael say, “I’m living, but I’m not alive” and open up about his suicide attempt and relapse as a result of the guilt. Fortunately, Michael has been clean since October 2012, but sadly, there’s not a day that goes by where he doesn’t feel at fault for his sister’s untimely death.

There was so much to take from this interview, but liberating yourself from guilt was what resonated with me most. Sometimes, just like Michael, we are our own prosecutor—even when everyone around us is encouraging us to free ourselves. Living in guilt is miserable, and thankfully, we don’t have to. The way each of us will come to the point where we can live in harmony with ourselves is different, but acknowledging that we’re deserving of a guilt-free life is a good first step for us all.

Check Out The Interview Below:

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Did you see Oprah’s interview with Cissy and Michael Houston? What did you think of it? What were your thoughts on Michael’s feelings? Have you ever been burdened by guilt? How did you deal with it? Share with your fellow beauties.

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