Guilt may be one of the heaviest crosses to bear. It’s omnipresent, showing up in our thoughts, feelings and the memories we try to flush away to no avail. Living with the awareness that we’ve acted immorally, whether intentionally or not, is a pill that’s just way too big and bitter to swallow. Getting over guilt is a process. Time certainly plays a large role, along with forgiveness from anyone we’ve wronged. But most importantly, we have to realize that we’re worthy to live freely without being bogged down by the mental and emotional burden of a mistake.

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On Monday, the world followed Oprah into Cissy Houston’s home and witnessed a heart-felt and candid conversation between the two. They openly discussed the life of Cissy’s daughter and our icon, Whitney Houston. I was very impressed by Momma Houston’s composure as she relived painful memories, like the time she unexpectedly showed up to Whitney’s home only to find her high and how she still painfully asks herself, “I wonder whether Nippy loved me?” Though you could still see and feel the hurt through her transparent sincerity, it appeared as though she had accepted the tragedy and its intensity and therefore is in a space to live and go on.

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