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There’s no denying, men lie. Not all men, but the ones who do, lie a lot. The odd thing is, they never seem to learn which lies work and which don’t. Here are 5 things guys lie about:

1) How many women we’ve slept with:

Some lie because they’re embarrassed they’ve slept with too many and some lie because they’re embarrassed that they’ve slept with too few.

Can you forgive a cheater.

2) How much money we make:

The men who make too much money usually keep it a secret because they don’t want to seem like some dirtbag who flashes his bank statements to get women (if they’re not worried about that, then you should be worried about what kind of guy he is). But lots of others fudge the figure in their favor. Mostly we don’t lie outright. We just kind of lead you to believe we’re a little better off than we are.

3) How we feel about going to visit your parents:

They may love your man. You mom might really make the world’s greatest chicken pot pie. But when he says he can’t wait to go, when he says there’s nothing he’d rather be doing, just appreciate it. Because, seriously, think about it: there are 7694 things he’d rather be doing.

(from glamourmag.com)

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