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I just wanted to ask you about my hair. My father is black and white and my mother is black and I have really thin hair and it is breaking off badly. I give myself a treatment every 2 weeks and wash my hair every week and I don’t blow dry my hair. However, I still need help with because it is still breaking off, no matter what I do, and grows slower now. What do I need to do?

– Miss Rose

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Hi Miss Rose,

Hair breakage is no fun. I have a few questions… When did the breakage start? Do you have hair color, a relaxer, or have you recently worn tight hair styles? How do you style your hair? When was your last trim? Are you protecting your hair at night with silk or satin? Are you on medication? What type of treatments are you applying? Lots of questions, right? Well, they’re all vital. The answers can be the cause of the breakage. I definitely think you should visit a licensed, professional hair stylist for a consultation. They’ll be able to place you on a restorative hair care regimen to help stop the breakage. Finally, avoid treatments until you speak with a professional. You need to make sure your hair is getting the right amount of moisture and protein. Too much moisture will sometimes create “mushy” hair which can lead to shedding. Too much protein can harden hair and cause breakage. Feel free to respond to my questions as well.

Happy Hair

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