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Beyonce covers the February issue of GQ as the “Sexiest Woman Of The 21st Century” and #TeamBeautiful has a few interesting opinions on the image. Check them out below.

Leigh Davenport, Editorial Director

As a true Beyonce fan, I have to say this cover is a bit perplexing to me. Well actually, all of Beyonce’s post-baby behavior is a bit perplexing to me. I’ve always admired Bey because of her level head about the progression of her career and her adulthood. I adored that she kept her wedding, pregnancy private. I also respect that she works hard to continue to keep her daughter out of the public eye.

What I don’t understand is why, now that Beyonce is a mother to a 1-year-old daughter, she feels the need to perform “comeback concerts” and pose in such a risqué (even for Beyonce) manner on the cover GQ (I’ll refrain from Rihanna comparisons because that’s just too easy). Post the arrival of Blue Ivy, I was really excited to see Mommy Bey’s evolution in to a classy(er) icon of adult femininity as a wife and mother. This cover reads Disney-star-gone-wild-trashy to me. It’s definitely not what I expected from Queen B—the mom. That said, the b*tch looks amazing and I’ll be on my way to the gym now.

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Deborah Bennett, Senior Editor

I think Beyonce looks hot on the cover of GQ! Let’s keep it real, Bey just had a baby a year ago and why not celebrate that post-baby bod? Just because she’s a mom does not negate the fact that she is a sexy woman, whoever said being a mom = boring? C’mon if you had that body wouldn’t you show it off? All hail Queen Bey!

Danielle Young, Lifestyle Editor

There’s nothing wrong with the supple skin of underboob peeking at us from a cropped blue, (shoutout to Blue Ivy) barely there top on a cover of a national magazine. I won’t front like Beyonce doesn’t look like hot sex on a platter on that cover. GQ is known for its racy covers. Remember Rihanna’s? It’s like they don’t have a budget for pants over there, but that’s not the point. The question is–is Beyonce doing just too much on the latest cover and I’ve got to say…yes.

Not in the sense of being “too naked” or “too sexy,” but too exposed. Bey’s always been a spectacle for all the world to consume, but when she was searching for her surrogate pregnant, she was a recluse. After Blue’s birth, Bey was playing the role of marvel again–breastfeeding, wearing flats and basically being a mom, and she made sure we were watching. Always happy to consume King B, many of us welcomed her back into our daily lives via Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. I guess that was the appetizer for this GQ main course–Beyonce’s next-to-nude cover.

Even when I look at it, I don’t see the “I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly” Beyonce that I loved so much for making it ok for my thighs to jiggle. I see a woman selling us a dream we would buy even if we didn’t believe it. I see someone on the level of Stacey Dash–selling herself short for the cheap thrill of being internet fodder for a week. I think Bey is better than that.

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Shamika Sanders, Entertainment Editor

I want to hate on Beyonce. I’m seriously incredulous that she could be that beautiful and still be human. Her perfect smile, golden skin, thick thighs and curvy hips come together to create a being men adore and females envy. But the woman inside of me who appreciates her passion, talent and power won’t let me. She’s pretty, but still sexy and that’s hard to pull off, just ask Alicia Keys.

No doubt, this pose feels very Rihanna-eqsue, but is Bey trying to keep up with the youngster? Nope. At least I don’t think so. I think Bey is being the baddest chick in the game and with one switch of her hips, she annihilated the competition. My only concern would be if her hubby feels comfortable with his wife being some cell mates fantasy for the night–but if Jay is cool with it, it doesn’t really matter what I think!

Ty Alexander, Beauty & Style Editor

So, we all really believe Blue Ivy was birthed from the ‘oh great and powerful one’ better known as Beyonce. This will always be an on-going debate for me. But what’s not up for debate is how stunning this chic looks on everything. It’s like someone sprinkled magic love-me-forever dust all over everything King Bey does. I mean, Beyonce ain’t even as cute as Beyonce, but we still co-sign for every song, magazine cover and even her not-so-awesome clothing line.

This why I don’t even question GQ’s headline, “The 100 Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century: Starting With Beyonce.” Are we just programmed to believe in everything Beyonce does, even if it’s bullsh*t? Rihanna’s GQ cover held a much higher crush value that lived way deep in my soul (I still gaze over her under boobs), but yet I scurried the internet for hours last night looking for more Beyonce images.

If I really have to give my honest opinion and leave my biased stan thoughts in my back pocket–it’s a bit trashy for the likes of Beyonce’s perfect cookie cutter image, but I guess even Bey knows that sex sells!

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