Ok… as if Instagram isn’t already an obsession in itself, Beyonce decided to join during the presidential election. And we (and you) haven’t stopped stalking her account since. She’s pretty strategic with her posts, limiting them to pictures of her and her style. No solo pics of Blue–insert sad face. But this weekend, she continues on her quest to prove that she’s a little ratchet just like the rest of us beauties.

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Have you noticed she plays “photo shoot” just like the rest of us? How many of you all take/posts five and six pictures of yourself in the same outfit? Oh… just me. You’re totally lying then!

This picture was on “regram” overload this weekend. The artist is from Baltimore and when she included @baddiebey in her post, Beyonce reached out to her and reposted her work. The artwork is now on sell for a limited time for $99.

And then when I think I can’t stan for King Bey any harder, she reminds me that even the most fabulous of girls own a pair of funky flat shoes and a ratchet bamboo earrings!


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