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Another day, another racist video. This time around it’s two white girls from Minnesota, Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid. One of them is a student. Obviously the only thing she learned was how to be ignorant. Blackface is never funny and usually has no point, other than displaying the skewed view of a racist.

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The girls claimed they were putting on facial masks. “We were doing facials and it happened to have been a brown facial mask,” Cooper wrote in an email to the University Of Minnesota Duluth newspaper,“We had to leave it on for 12 minutes. During that 12 minutes, we horribly decided to make a video that we regret and are not happy about. This was made over a year ago.”

While I am normally very offended by anyone in blackface, I feel as if it’s losing its sting. These girls did not manage to penetrate my heart with their ignorant rendition of blackness. Instead they irritated me. I am so sick of people donning blackface and thinking of it as humor.

The girls are seen in the video, talking about how big their lips are, how they look like apes and how they want some fried chicken. Humor often derives from a real place. So these girls are pulling their jokes about black people from their own life experiences. It’s sad that they believe this is what black people are about.

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According to Huffington Post, UMD has had their fair share of racism to deal with in the past. From hanging an Obama effigy to way too many incidences of blackface, Duluth has earned the unofficial label of the most racist city in Minnesota.

Check out the ignorant video below:

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