The last two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for Black people. I wake up in complete disbelief that in 2020, we are still enduring the hate and injustices our ancestors faced. I’d like to believe they fought and died so that we would not have to go through this level of racism. However, here […]

In today’s episode of ‘Steal Our Culture, Reject Our Problems,’ Instagram influencer Ghadeer Sultran has been accused of rockin' blackface in a series of Instagram posts. Why is this still happening in 2020?

The school's superintendent claims he practiced "poor judgement" when he allowed the white educator to wear dark make-up for a lesson about Central Africa.


It's 2017. Why do people still feel it's okay to do this?

York-Poquoson Deputy Jean Browning wasn't fired because she claimed she didn't know what blackface was or that it was offensive.

Creators of FaceApp are under fire after users rallied to remove a controversial filter less than 24 hours after its release.

...because apparently, the goal of wypipo is to find new ways to offend Black people 'erry day.

Protests erupted at Oklahoma State University Monday after another student posed in blackface and posted the image to social media.

A German soccer team is being applauded for a controversial photo. Following a verbal and physical attack against two of it's players who are former Sudanese refugees, the team posted a photo in blackface.