Online fast-fashion retailer Shein received backlash last week after shoppers discovered the brand was selling a racist phone case to customers.

In today’s episode of ‘Steal Our Culture, Reject Our Problems,’ Instagram influencer Ghadeer Sultran has been accused of rockin' blackface in a series of Instagram posts. Why is this still happening in 2020?

Sis, this really isn't the hill you should be willing to die on.

Despite the president’s recent inflammatory comments, Martin Luther King Jr.‘s Nephew doesn’t believe that Donald Trump is racist. Newton Farris Jr., who is related to MLK stood by the president’s side today as he signed a proclimation in the civil rights leader’s honor. Although Trump dodged questions about calling Haiti and African nations “sh*thole countries” […]


In the latest edition of “occurrences you can’t believe exist in 2017” is the case of a white New York man who broke into his black neighbor’s home…and threatened to lynch him. Yes, lynching, that deadly and horrific practice that many thought was a thing of the past, just resurfaced as a threat in 2017. […]

As tensions intensify in America under the Trump administration, many racists have become emboldened to openly use slurs and hateful language against people of color. One self-proclaimed lawyer riding New York’s mass transit system, found himself met with opposition as he yelled ‘n*gger, n*gger, n*gger’ on a packed L train. “I talk sh*t because I […]

The 'RHOA' star weighs in on the heated beef between her daughter and NeNe Leakes.

A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week.

A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week.