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Everyone’s favorite Republican, Stacey Dash appeared on “The View” today as their co-host and before Stacey could even get settled in, the resident spit-fire Joy Behar challenged her on why she supports Mitt Romney. The entire audience giggled as Behar questioned Dash’s choices.

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As stunning as Stacey is and as irritated as we all are with her Republican-lovin’ ways, it was Joy Behar that stole the show. Behar didn’t let Dash rely on those sparkly green eyes and that pretty pout. Behar was tough, especially when she asked (in jest) what was Romney’s plan and said, “That 14 percent tax rate that he gets…that Romney gets, that’s a gift. I’ll take that gift.

Check out some of the highlights of Stacey’s appearance below:

On Romney:

“I like Romney because of his track record. I’m a fiscal Republican. I thought he had a good plan for our economy. One of the things in his plan was to create a regulatory environment that encourages investment and certainty, which I think is the key to us getting jobs…”

On Not Voting For President Obama & Receiving Backlash:

“It was about race. I don’t feel race should play any part in this. I don’t want to harp on the negativity of that. It saddened me. People say things and do things when they feel let down or they feel like they’re not important or they feel like you don’t care about them. I think the Republican party should embrace more ethnic…be more inclusive of everyone.”

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On Republicans:

“They have to be more inclusive and we have to come up with an innovative immigration plan. We have to come up with an immigration plan. They have to be more inclusive. We have to be united. United we stand, divided we fall. There are people who need help. That is our job. If we can help, we have to do that, but not only help; we have to encourage, we have to inspire, we have to support, we have to elevate.”

When Joy Behar Asked, “Support with what?, Stacey Replied:

“Money. There’s a way to do that, you just can’t do it willy nilly.”

Check out Stacey Dash on “The View” Below:

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