California congresswoman Barbara Lee is in position to make history after announcing her bid to run for Democratic Caucus chair.

After a long proverbial republican reign, the state of Alabama elected democrat Doug Jones over Roy Moore in a special election on Tuesday night. And in the same evening Black women–the undefeated kickstand of America, quietly strolled into polling centers across the Cotton State, maybe possessed by the spirits of the unnamed, underserved Black women […]

Hours after Hillary Clinton declared her bid for the presidency, Senator Marco Rubio announced he would be throwing his name in the hat for the Republican ticket. And he did so via a grainy Twitter video. Because hey, he REALLY wants you to know he’s hip, out in those mean Biscayne Bay streets. The young […]

Everyone’s favorite Republican, Stacey Dash appeared on “The View” today as their co-host and before Stacey could even get settled in, the resident spit-fire Joy Behar challenged her on why she supports Mitt Romney. The entire audience giggled as Behar questioned Dash’s choices. Must Read: General David Petraeuss’ Cheating Is An Example Of Growing Moral […]

Black Republican and perpetual former President Bush supporter, Condoleezza Rice has had it up to HERE with the Republican Party. From their “legitimate rape” comments to their rape being a “gift from God” to Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments, Republicans have been putting their foot in their mouths throughout this election’s campaigns. Must Read: Catholic […]