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Hey girl, are you a having a hard time sticking to your workout plan? Might be time to recruit your boo! Studies show that couples who workout together increase their chances of sticking to their exercise program by 90 percent. Hello! Still not motivated? Well then it might be time for you and your boo to recruit Mike Brown.

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Who’s that you say? Mike Brown is a celebrity trainer at Work gym located in downtown New York and is currently creating real life powerhouse couples. As the CEO/Founder of a new workout regime called Agape, Brown has designed a new program geared towards helping couples enhance their health and relationship all in one swoop.

No questions asked, Agape is a total “knockout.” Literally! You and your main squeeze will spend five weeks of bi-weekly private sessions sweating it out with Brown in a boxing-infused functional workout. Oh, did I mention boxing gloves come with your registration? And, if that is not enough, you can also look forward to experiencing one of the hottest performance based technical gadgets around today. That’s right! The Agape Program also includes the Nike + Fuel Band: A device that monitors your daily activity and calorie burn. Say what?!

Check it out! For more information of the Agape program visit and follow them on Twitter. You and your sweet thang will be glad you finally joined sweaty forces. Promise.

1. Accountability=Success: On the days when you would rather run into a bar than up a hill, you will remember that your love bug is waiting to not only be cheered on, but to cheer you on. Accountability is often times the only thing standing in the way of you and your results. So kiss those last 10lbs goodbye for real this time and tag team the gym with your beloved.

2. Balance Is Everything: Let me guess? You do yoga. He pumps iron. Typical…I get it. But why reside in camp “typical” when you can reside in camp “optimal?” Optimal training means you are efficient in various forms of exercise. New challenges breed new results. So partner up, learn new things and get in the best shape possible all at once.

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3. Quality Time Reinvented: Dinner and a movie is so last season. Shake things up and enjoy quality time with your foxy flame in a fun and healthy way. Catching up over a set of pushups builds not only amazing arms, but a deeper intellectual and emotional bond.

4. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Just sweat together instead. When we exercise the brain releases chemicals known as endorphins. What do these babies do? They rev up feelings of happiness and reduce levels of stress and tension. Whoosah. I’m sorry, “who” left the toilet seat up again? Who cares?!

5. Sweating Is The New Sexy: Speaking of endorphins, exercise also releases chemicals directly connected to your libido and arousal. Hmmm. Countless studies show that partners who enjoy exercising together report having better sexual relations, so bring sexy back and burn calories outside the gym…

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