Social media can be a beautiful thing. It exposes us to on-the-moment news and gives us the opinions of everyone from the President to the average Joe. Thanks to social media, our brother site, NewsOne received complaints about poll workers not allowing people to vote.

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There were at least three people in our office that had the same problem this morning when they arrived at their designated polling stations. What in the world could this be? Mercury in retrograde? Mitt Romney‘s people paying the volunteers to give Obama supporters a hard time?

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Here’s some of the stories that have been shared:


– Poll workers are telling voters that special ink pens are required for voting, and the pens are out of ink so no one can vote (Apthorp Tower, 12900 Superior Ave.)


– Voting machines are getting jammed and are broken in at least 9 precincts. Voters are forced to use emergency ballots, which are overflowing ballot boxes. We have reported it to the Board of Elections which says it is working to resolve it. (vetted; precincts available upon request)

Check out the full story on NewsOne.


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