During every major election, celebrities use their platforms to encourage the public to vote. Whether it’s in this election or any election, we’ve earned the right to have our voices heard. Specifically for people of color, our voting rights weren’t taken seriously until the mid-1960’s. Crazy, right? That said, Black celebs are coming out of […]

This election day, don't get turned away at the polls based on what you decided to wear. There are several states that have laws about polling place attire.

Michelle Obama is rocking a red lip and we stan. Our forever FLOTUS in conjunction with her non profit When We All Vote launched an online shop that sells merchandise from small businesses, black-owned businesses, and Women-owned businesses.#Vote4evermerch features apparel, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle products that support the work the organization is doing to change […]

This Equality Day marks the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement

This lawyer turned politician is seeking office to encourage police reform, repair community relationships, and directly oppose the regressive policies of the Trump administration.

The 'Mary, Mary' singer stands by her decision to vote Donald Trump into office based on her Christian values.

Not making a choice is making a choice. It's sitting idly in the face of oppression and selfishly choosing yourself.

In an effort to promote voting awareness #TeamBeautiful teamed up with 54 other brands to launch the #OurVoteCounts initiative.

Social media can be a beautiful thing. It exposes us to on-the-moment news and gives us the opinions of everyone from the President to the average Joe. Thanks to social media, our brother site, NewsOne received complaints about poll workers not allowing people to vote. Must Read: I Just Voted! Share Your Election Day Pics […]