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Rosie Lewis’s life has seen 24 presidential elections and this one is the first that she’s choosing to be a part of. Miss Rosie is 99-years-old and has made it her mission to go out and vote for President Barack Obama.

“Miss Rosie should be an inspiration to all of our young people and old,” Miss Rosie’s friend, Gerri Ware said as she registered Miss Rosie to vote.

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Lewis’ grandson says that Miss Rosie is an amazing person. I don’t know the woman, but I back that statement with my whole heart. Voting is a right that many of us didn’t have to fight for with our own hands.

Miss Rosie was only seven years old when the 19th Amendment passed, allowing women to vote. She lived through 24 different presidents, but it’s President Obama that she loves. Why didn’t Miss Rosie vote when she turned 18, or at all? Her grandson explains that she was set in her ways and politics wasn’t something she thought about. It’s as simple as that. Miss Rosie, however is making her first vote an impactful one.

There’s no excuse not to vote. We have a chance every four years to allow our voices to count. Allow Miss Rosie’s determination to fuel your motivation to vote.

What’s most inspiring is that there’s more voters like Miss Rosie! Please, no matter who you vote for on Nov. 6th, VOTE!

Check out this absolutely inspiring video of Miss Rosie’s story below:

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