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Before she became our First Lady, Hello Beautiful got  an exclusive interview, with  Michelle Obama to give us the scoop on marriage and family, beauty and motherhood, and the importance of each individual voice during the 2008 Presidential election.

Here’s just a preview of things Michelle had to say…

On keeping it simple:

“In my purse, you’ll always find…”

On her likeness to our favorite TV mom:

“You know, being compared to American icons like Claire Huxtable is flattering of course, but let me tell you…”

On doing it all:

“Like many women across the country, I play so many roles…”

On making a change:

“I realized that I had to do my part to ensure that someone like Barack would be president. Because he is the person who can lead us to [a] better future. I believe that with all my heart.”

On family values:

“To me, policies that support families aren’t just political; they’re personal. They’re the issues I carry in my heart every single day.”


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