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The second presidential debate aired last night and while I was gawking at Michelle Obama‘s Michael Kors hot pink number, she was focused on making sure her husband know he had her support. As soon as President Barack Obama stepped off that stage the FLOTUS embraced him with a long caressing hug. We imagine that she whispered a few encouraging words in his ear like, “Great job honey!”, or “I love you Barack, you did an amazing job!”.

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#TeamBeautiful asked our Facebook fans to #CaptionThis by telling us what they thought was said between the President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. We got over 900 comments and almost 1,000 shares. Take a look at the most… interesting comments we received.

Dawn Clark Michelle said, ” why didn’t you pimp slap him?”

Kasey J Robinson said, “Romney ain’t bout that life, Bae! We got this, Good Job”

Michaelle Jean Charles Alexandre said, “It’s on tonight!!! Like hot butter and popcorn.”

David Cosloy She said, “I am proud you didn’t call him an a**hole.”

Paul Melgoza said, “WTF? I can’t buy a 32-oz Coke here?”

Catherine Hicks said, “Im glad you didnt punch his ass in the face.”

Kimberly Forbes-Sweat said, “Well done honey!! I knew you had it before it started. I love you.”

Sharon Sanders Brooks Barack said, “you kicked his behind with his lying self. Maybe I need to go ahead an order my Inaugural suit and evening gown. By the way honey, I ordered something from Victoria’s Secrets.”

Michael Thomas said, “I told the secret service we need some private time tonight.”

Beverly White said, “Thank You Jesus.”

Bobby Elion said, “SouthSide, we from the CHI!”

Reneé Minor said, “Why did that heffa wear pink like me?”

Kevin Backbypopulardemand Harris said, “U hit him like u was a bus driver”

My favorite–Romney ain’t about this life! Hilarious, right! So now that we know what they think, tell us what you think Michelle said to Barack?


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