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Condoleezza Rice has this stigma that follows her around–at least in the minds of black people. She’s that evil black woman that’s turned her back on her people by falling in line under George W. Bush as his Secretary of State. I’m not going to lie, her name usually leaves a sour taste in my mouth. We know that Rice has strong opinions when it comes to the way President Obama runs the country. She’s even said that under his guidance, we’re muted.

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Last night, Rice joined forces with other Republican big wigs who think the best way to beat President Obama at his own game is to discredit him. While she worked under George W. Bush, Rice’s job allowed her to spend a lot of time traveling the world, meeting foreign leaders and she was responsible for the administration and management of foreign embassies. Basically, she ran the world. So it’s fair to say that Rice is extensively educated when it comes to foreign policy. However, she came at President Obama’s neck about his own foreign policy.

I agree with The Root that Rice did have quite a few triumphant moments in her speech and even though she never uttered the name, “Obama,” there was no doubt that her subliminal shots were at the Obama campaign’s shortcomings, as she stands strong behind Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Check out some of Condoleezza Rice’s standout quotes seemingly against President Obama from her rousing speech at the RNC last night,

No one will lead and there will be chaos, or someone will fill the vacuum who does not share our values. My fellow Americans, we do not have a choice: We cannot be reluctant to lead, and you cannot lead from behind. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand this reality, that our leadership abroad and our well-being at home are inextricably linked.

Oh, so President Obama’s lead is weak? So killing Osama Bin Laden didn’t show strength?

Our adversaries must have no reason to doubt our resolve because peace really does come through strength.

Is Rice trying to say President Obama’s weak in how he handles resolving the war?

The United States has ratified only three trade agreements in the last few years, and those were negotiated in the Bush administration. Sadly, we are abandoning the field of free and fair trade and it will come back to haunt us.

Rice tried to remind the world how much the Bush administration made our country shine and how Obama’s taking us into no man’s land.

Most importantly, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will rebuild the foundation of our strength, the American economy –stimulating private sector growth and stimulating small business entrepreneurship.

Because President Obama did so much to screw it up? I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure President Obama inherited a country that was on its way to financial ruin.

When the world looks at us today, they see an American government that cannot live within its means. They see an American government that continues to borrow money, that will mortgage the future of generations to come. The world knows that when a nation loses control of its finances, it eventually loses control of its destiny.

This blame should not rest on the shoulders of President Obama. The Bush administration left America for financial dead.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the integrity and the experience and the vision to lead us. They know who we are. They know who we want to be. They know who we are in the world and what we offer. That is why — that is why this is a moment and an election of consequence.

And the consequence of voting Romney into office is having a president who’s demeaning campaign spews half truths, so what is there to expect if he did indeed win the role of president?

Read Rice’s FULL SPEECH here!

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